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Thread: Ravaged Development Kit is LIVE! Download here

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    Ravaged Development Kit is LIVE! Download here

    Hello Gamers...

    Today we would like to announce the release of the Ravaged Development Kit!

    The Ravaged Development Kit (RDK) is the Unreal Engine 3 driven editor for Ravaged.. a fun, fast-paced fps/vehicular combat game on Steam, built by the same developers that worked on Battlefield: Desert Combat, HomeFront, and Frontlines.

    The RDK is a standalone development kit that does not require prior ownership of the Unreal Engine. It is available now and can be downloaded Download Ravaged Development Kit

    We have compiled a list of questions and answers that may help before you get started. You may can visit our dedicated forum thread for any questions or feedback you might have: Question & Answer forum thread.

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    Hi, Nick!
    Thank you very much for this editor release!
    You guys rock and I love your game!
    Excelent job and the editor is so awesome!

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