2Dawn Games Ravaged FPS

The Tractor Tank
This is no ordinary tank, it's a beast created from the pits of hell. One of the deadliest, most armored, vehicle on the battlefield you can push the attack or hold the defence with a well strategized plan.

The Hot Rod
One of the Scavengers most deadly machines in the fleet. The Hot Rod comes equiped with a window .50 gunner, a grenade launcher, and 3 more transport seats. A fast paced, heavily armed vehicle used to attack and capture resources quickly.

The Buggy
The Buggy With its large wheels and wide tires the buggy makes for an ideal off road vehicle in rough terrain. Add to that, a top-mounted M134 Minigun with 6 barrels firing up to 2000 rounds per minute at your target, you have one of the deadliest and most versatile vehicles on the battlefield.

The Gyrocopter
The Gyrocopter is a very quick and accurate air assault vehicle. This vehicles primary use will be to defend from opposing air attacks and light ground vehicle assaults.

The Trike
The Trike Like the Quad this is a fast and agile vehicle utilized to in and out quickly. With no weapons and no armor this vehicle can quickly be destroyed by infantry, as well as land and air vehicles.

The Stryker
The Stryker An 8 wheel armored fighting vehicle that has a profound presence on the battlefield. Utilizing a 105mm M68A1 rifled cannon, this heavily equipped fighting machine has one purpose: to destroy!

The Armored Truck
The Armored Truck, this thing is made to go off road! One of the most heavily armored vehicles on the battlefield, it also makes it one of the slowest moving. Equipped with a MK19-02 grenade launcher firing from the front and a .50 cal machine gun mounted to the back, you will have full 360 degree cover to fend off an enemy attacks.

The 4x4
The 4x4, A fast and medium armored vehicle, the 4x4 will get the job done. Utilizing a .50 caliber machine gun turret with a 180 degree radius of fire, it's vital to have great driver/gunner teamwork to stay alive.

Mini Helicopter
The Mini Chopper A light helicopter equipped with heavy artillery to get the job done. The MH-6 Mini Helicopter can be used as an attack vehicle or support vehicle to transport up to 5 passengers to the objective.

The Quad
The Quad Fast and agile the quad can be utilized for a quick assault on enemy resources or bases. However with no weapons and no armor, this vehicle can quickly be destroyed by infantry, land, and air vehicles.

Choose any of the air and ground vehicles to transport your troops, wreak
havoc on everything that lays in your path, while stealing your opponents’ resources.

Please select a faction.